2 Style in 1 Butter Knife
2 Style in 1 Butter Knife
2 Style in 1 Butter Knife
2 Style in 1 Butter Knife

2 Style in 1 Butter Knife

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3 Style in 1 Butter Knife has three functions working with distinction: it can be used as a bread cutter, butter curler and spreader, and butter scooper.

the coolest thing since sliced bread. With just a little practice, you’ll be a cold butter master! Now, you can have butter on your warm bread or toast, bagels, corn on the cob
 Works on cheese and chocolate, too, or just use it as a spreader for honey and cream cheese.


  • Durability: You can use this stainless steel butter knife confidently as its free from certain impurities and contaminants. 
  • Design: Beautiful design, perfect weight balance, and 1-inch blade make it perfect to spread the right amount of butter/jams/creams on your toast.
  • Performance: Small slotted holes running down the blade edge designed to curl hard butter on your bread. One larger hole designed to curl larger amounts of butter into a rich source of energy on your toast. Serrated edge makes slicing bread/ butter an effortless task.
  • Safety: This butter spread knife is even safe for children to fill their toast 
  • Easy to use: It’s dishwasher friendly and will not scratch easily
Package Includes
  • 1x  2 Style in 1 Butter Knife